21 August 2014

Blog Love for The Pineneedle Collective!

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Hey guys,

It's been a long while, I know, my apologies it's quite hard finding time to blog so sorry for neglecting you all, but I think this blog is in need of a revamp so expect some cool changes soon!

 Just thought i'd share some amazing pictures that Annika from The Pineneedle Collective has taken over the past few months wearing some Ginger Pickle jewellery, doesn't she just look so fab!? If you are looking for someone cool to follow, then pop on over to her blog, she makes her own clothes and only promotes ethical fashion labels, she does some great DIY's too!

You can also follow her on instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. 

17 May 2014

New things and sneak peeks!

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This month brings lots of exciting new products and designers into the shop. I have so many gorgeous new items still waiting to be added to the shop and some which have just been added this week. 

We have a new designer Alphabet Bags-with gorgeous screen printed tote bags, phone cases, purses and pouches i'm in love with their glitter pink ink! 

Another new designer is Snowdon Design & Craft another screen printer. She makes fantastic cards which are very bold and unique, I love this one the best!

Some new things arrived by Bottled Treasures this week too, some new bottled pendants including this cute Frozen inspired  Let It Go pendant which will be available shortly. But I had to add the glitter drops pendants straight away as lots of you have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of them, so here they are to buy in 4 different colours-which one is your favourite?

I will be photographing the new collection of my own jewellery this Monday hopefully and get it listed on the site soon, it's taken me so long soon you will be able to buy cute little rainbow earrings, starfish necklaces, beach ball brooches and lots more goodies! 

If you want more sneak peaks then make sure to follow my Facebook and instagram accounts :) 

06 May 2014

Life Lately

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Hello from Alnwick! I have recently moved down to this lovely market town from bustling Aberdeen in Scotland. Going from quite a big city to a small town is not so bad it is certainly small and quiet but it has everything I need… and the gym is 5 minutes away so that makes it a lot easier to stay motivated for doing fitness! 

Ginger Pickle is now back up and running and I have lots to catch up on, it feels like i'm doing a million jobs at once and there's never enough time to do it all! It's so great working from my new home office though,  I got this fantastic Expedit unit from IKEA for my home office, it's fab it holds all my stock and some packaging materials too. I could do with even more space to be honest but it's miles better than my old room where I used to work from. 

Lots of new things have arrived for the shop including lovely canvas pouches and tote bags by Alphabet bags which I need to upload to the website.  There's lots of new things on the website at the moment so make sure to check it out! 

I have been working on the new summer collection. Everything was designed by me on the computer and then it's all been laser cut and hand painted, some of the new pieces include-rainbows, watermelons and beach balls along with some other things which all will be revealed soon…..it's actually been quite difficult getting all the colours right mixing colours is quite hard. It's coming together though so I need to photograph everything now! I hope you all love it, it definitely is nice and colourful which always gets you in the mood for summer :) 

I've also been sending parcels off to new stockists and topping up stock at some older stockists too. Some new stockists are Larks which is in Liverpool, Cooper's Vintage in Newport, Itch Gallery in Rutland, The Shop of Interest in Glasgow and The Scottish Dolphin Centre in Spey Bay. If you live in any of these areas then you should defs go check them out!

Just a quick update for now away to cook some tea, will check back soon :)

08 April 2014

Little Weekend Spree & Moving Out News!

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At the weekend I met some of my chums for some lunch and we went on a little spree afterwards. I never go shopping much as I work from home and i'm never in town much so it was really nice to just go out and find some lovely things and bargains too!

I have to say, I love the two primark dresses, I already have a similar white one from primark I got a few years back but I wear it so much so wouldn't hurt to have two! I got them for £5.00 each-bargain! 

Another thing I couldn't resist buying was bareMinerals Cultured Pearl…it's a light gorgeous shade perfect for spring. I hardly have any eye shadow so I need to build up a little collection. 

I'm moving out of my family home on Friday (I have lived here for 19 years!) and moving down to Alnwick, Northumberland to be with my boyfriend who works down there. We are renting a lovely little house near the centre with a spare bedroom so I can work from home still. I can't wait to have a proper room dedicated to Ginger Pickle with lots of lovely storage. It's still a small room but least it doesn't have a bed in it! I bought this folder from paper chase to get a bit more organised, in love with the colours! 

The next time I blog it will be from my new home, yay! 

03 April 2014

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil Review

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil review

I bought this gorgeous Balance Me Radiance Face Oil with my Christmas money and meant to do a review a while back. I bought it from Lookfantastic.com after an evening of scrolling in their skincare category. I noticed it  rave reviews and won beauty awards and was intrigued! I am really into skin care and like to branch out and try new things when I can. I use this before going to bed about 4 times a week, as you can see there's still a fair bit left in the bottle so it really does last a long time. I can honestly say I LOVE this stuff. My skin looks much better in the mornings when I use the oil the night before, it makes my skin more radiant and hydrated, even though this oil is not for dry skin it's for all skin types. I have combination skin so it's perfectly fine even if you are prone to break outs, as it says in the product description…

"Suitable for replenishing and rebalancing all skin types, even combination complexions"

Don't let the price tag put you off this is worth every penny!

Have you ever tried this oil?